So, hello guys, long time no see!

2019-08-23 11.20.54 1

I feel kinda divided in some sense, regarding writing in this blog. 


It all started by purely sharing my opinion on different aspects of specialty coffee world – and it started pretty violent. 


What I mean is that when I started this blog I was a hardcore coffee geek who “knew how is right” – a fantastic period of time when you are just in the very beginning of your learning curve, and you feel as you’ve discovered the whole new world, and everybody else is blind, and you need to teach everybody what is specialty and how to make it right. 


So, years passed, I got some experience, both technical as a barista, as a roaster, as a trainer, got qualified as a Q grader, which is both a huge responsibility and a confirmation that I can trust my tastebuds for real, not just because I like coffee, but because I am capable of tasting it. 


Coffee is my area of expertise. I love it, yes, there is passion – yes there is. Coffee guys like to talk about passion anyway, so if I say I am not passionate about coffee I am gonna be cursed by all the geeks XD


But it is another passion and another love. Serious relationships, I would say. Something that got deeper and stronger with time. It doesn’t have the same intensity as in the beginning, when we fall in love and get crazy – but has much more love, patience, understanding, work, effort.


I came to be more and less forgiving to specialty at the same time.


More forgiving – in terms of respecting coffee, not expecting all the coffee to be 90+, being able to enjoy equally coffee of different origins and different taste profiles. I basically let coffee exist. Different coffee. Low quality, high quality, I just see effort and people behind it, their effort and their lives,  and it is more than enough for me to respect it. 


But I am also less forgiving – less forgiving to the lies and marketing tricks, to the lack of the professionalism and precision, to the philosophy that prevails in the industry right now, when passion is the substitute for everything, I am less forgiving regarding those who use the word “Specialty Coffee” while serving commercial coffee to their clients – purely because they make my job harder by confusing the customer. And the same for those who roast coffee tasting like grass and call it “Specialty Coffee”.  I simply don’t like to be lied to, that’s it. So I assume that nobody else does. 


And something changed. My relationships with coffee changed, and therefore this blog has to go through some changes as well. 


So I think I’d like to hold a little transformation, and be writing here again – with a different approach. 

To be talking again, freely, about things in the industry – that worry, interest me and make me think. 


With no shame. 


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