Introducing Telegram Channel

The recent addition to this blog – Telegram channel Café Sin Mentiras.

I’ve been doing short videos, stories, talking about coffee for Instagram for a while – but they always tended to do much worse than simple photos, even though they took me much more time and effort.

Since I started to use internet, I have always been a content creator more than a consumer.

I post, write, film, read and share – and, being honest, I feel that Instagram is turning into a very passive media, like TV, where people just consume what they are shown, without much interaction.

I am not particularly interested in “how many impressions” or “how many views” – it is much more interesting to create discussions, to exchange opinions, to change something, to have an interaction, a talk, a chat.

I am not an entertainer by nature, I am motivated when I see that somebody actually benefits from what I am doing. Especially knowing that it is kinda free knowledge.

I found that Telegram is perfect for that – people who want to join, watch and read, they will join, and have an opportunity to chat, to talk to like-minded, to learn something new from each other. It is purely for people who are active online and want to be growing.

All the videos that are too long for the Instagram, all long stories where I am actually talking about something – they will all go to Telegram.

So from now on I am gonna try to be posting this way:

  • Instagram – photos and videos where you don’t have to listen to me or read
  • Telegram – short videos, links to blog posts regarding the topic of specialty coffee, all accompanied by the chat.
  • Blog – long reads, material for download, long posts that need some focus

THE LINK IS HERE and you are very welcome to join the channel! See you there!

Published by liza maksimova

Q Grader. Roast Master. SCAE certified.

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