More Advanced Brewing

Remember that if you need some advice or you simply want to elevate your home brewing skills, you can always book a session with me herechoosing between video call, messenger or email. ¡Yo hablo español! Eu falo português!

In this video I am talking about the Fellow Prismo for the Aeropress, how to make an espresso (or an espresso-like drink) with it, why I got it in first place, the pros and the cons of the device itself. I am also sharing some tips of mine about how ot make it work best.

Here in this video I will share with you the recipe I used for the Portuguese Aeropress Championship 2019. The goal of this recipe is to use as little coffee as possible (11 grams in this case), and extract it the tastiest way. (I got really disturbed with fact that people use over than 20 grams to make one cup of coffee). You’ll need some extra equipment for this one (like Kruve).
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