No excuses.

World Barista Championship usually tends to bring some questions to my head, and makes me reflect on some things.

Usually it is about professionalism and growth.


Personally, I hate giving excuses. And I don’t respect people who blame others for their failures.


But that’s me.

At the level like that, WBC, it is just not acceptable. At the level like that, when Asian baristas learn their presentations by heart, rehearsing even where their eyes are directed at every part of the presentation. Not speaking perfect English in real life, they make their speach perfectly understandable for judges – knowing that from depends everything… The presentation should be available. should be informative, should be innovative.


At that level you cannot expect that you just go out on stage with your weak English, with all these “ehhhh”, and “brewing good stuff” in a completely raw speach – and  you will be praised for the coffee you serve no matter how you present it. The level is different. It is a World Championship. You have to speak English. You have to be serious. You just cannot afford to not to be able to freely express yourself.


That’s it.


And, yeah. If you are brewing – you should be able to brew any coffee, and bring it to the maximum of it’s potential. Isn’t it all about that? To showcase the potential of the beans? Those who know how to do it – go further. And those who are going far – those are spending time learning on their mistakes.

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