If I ever will be asked about what I consider most crucial in growth, I would say three things.

  1. to find what inspires you, what makes perfect sense for you
  2. to do it
  3. to do it even if you feel “absolutely not in the mood”


The last one is about it all.


It is easy when you are inspired – you feel like you are flying, that you have these immense wings that lift you up, and are taking you far ahead. Those moments of inspiration are pure magic. So may things are easily done when you are inspired, when you feel “in the zone”. You can move the mountains! Ideas are appearing out of nowhere, you are bursting with energy!…


And sometimes you wake up – and want to leave it all. You see no sense in what you are doing. Those are the hardest moments, but also magical ones. Inspiration comes and goes. Power of will is all yours.


If you don’t do anything with idea that came into your head in 72 hours – chances are that you never will. You just tickled your brain with opportunity – and left it.


I understand that growth is mainly about forming a habit of seeing how the thing that you do now will benefit you in the future. It is easy to eat when you are hungry, to sleep when you are tired.


It is hard to learn a new language. Takes time. It is hard to eat consciously. Takes thought. It is hard to exercise daily. Takes will.

All these things require you to do them when you don’t really want. To overcome that laziness, and to go to run while it is raining. Because you simply know you will feel better after. Yes, you can stay home, where it is dry and warm, eat chips, drink tea, watch series.


Is it pleasant?

Oh yeah.

Does it require power of will?


What will you be proud of in 2 hours?


That’s the thing. Surprise yourself. Be proud of yourself. And the easiest way is using your power of will. Then comes imagination, creative way of living, etc.


There was that experiment when people were choosing between immediate and postponed benefit – and we are designed to choose fast satisfaction, even if we will receive more if we wait.

Waiting itself is not comfortable.

Dealing with your own laziness and desire to choose the easiest way is the real bummer.

Published by liza maksimova

Q Grader. Roast Master. SCAE certified.

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