There are many questions that bother my mind now, all of them at once.


I am thinking, after all the talks we had lately, about working in the area you are passionate about.


Some people may think it is easy. Like a dream come true. You go to work, and every day is a perfect day, celebration of your passion. Not quite like that.


Some days are. For sure. I am not going to lie. Those days, when you put yourself interesting goals, experiment with something new, achieve amazing results. Those days you feel how lucky you are, you are grateful for every second of it. Some days are just work.


The trick is, having a passion for something means having an additional inner motivation to grow and get better. To explore. To push it to the limits. If used well, this person is an infinite engine. Give him the Battle, the Task, the Enigma – and he’ll  gladly take it, dive into that, and will bring you an elegant solution.


And work is work. Work means routine, means doing the same things every single day, and do it well.


Those things clash. You work for money, you are paid for the routine, not for the growth.

The vast majority of the bosses operate this way, if you are working for somebody, of course. The boss should be extremely long-term and quality oriented, with good communication skills – to actually encourage growth, not stagnation. But in that case we are talking about the leader, not just the boss.


To motivate somebody passionate is a creative and challeging task, cause money are not involved. What is involved is more control, more responsibility, more connection with the product, more innovation.  It is much easier to give 50$ more, than come up with a plan of how to combine his passion and  business goals.


Especially if you are not interested in keeping that person. Because you know that you can get somebody cheaper, and you are ready to trade the quality for $ saved.


And we are not interested, right? We talk a lot about passion for the thing that you are doing, but actually when you have somebody like that, you don´t like him much. He is strict, to himself and to others, and dedicated, and not easy to control. He wants more and more, more innovation, more challenges. And we end up hating that guy.


When we talk about encouraging passionate workers, we should be careful with what we mean. People are people, not the machines, and passion is a deep dedication to the detailes, first of all. That comes from the heart. Do we really want it? And if we do, are we ready to motivate him the right way?


To work on something you love is not easy. It is a constant battle, to not to let something that you adore become just the routine. It is a constant battle for your love. Some days you win, some days you lose. May the first ones prevail.

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