Decaf coffee and alternative “milks”.


I had no itention to write about it today, till I found that article about colombian coffee.

Just in the end, there is a line.

“Baristas like Ivan Lopez from Amor Perfecto demonstrate different brew methods, talk about the importance of highlighting coffee’s journey and sum up the new consumer perfectly.

“A Colombian hipster is the same as a hipster anywhere,” he says. “They have beards and glasses and come in all the time – they love their soy and almond milk lattes.”

I don’t know about you, but I felt lots of sarcasm in it. Like almond milk latte is something incredibly idiotic, but, ok, I’ll make you that thing that you want, hipster.
Almond (coconut, soy etc) milk and decaf.
What usually baristas see in it.
Alternative milks – “Strange option, if you want a cappucino – order a normal one, why to  get so comlicated. Wanna be special? Vegetarian?”
Decaf – “For christs sake, order a normal coffee – we are all drinking it for caffeine, and dealing with it, so be a man!”
How it can be seen:
Alternative milks – “I don’t want to participate in cruelty towards animals, and if I can avoid it by something so small as drinking almond milk cappucino – I will gladly be doing it”
Decaf – “I just like how coffee tastes and don’t like how it affects me! I just like the taste!”
People who are laughed at in the coffee industry are those, who are conscious about where milk comes from and those who drink coffee because of the taste.
It is crazy! Shouldn’t those people be the best clients?..
Are thet giulty that coffee industry is not evolved enough to offer them QUALITY ALTERNATIVE MILK and QUALITY DECAF?
Because it is actually the reality. We don’t know enough to make a tasty almond latte. It is us who don’t know yet how to make decaf taste exactly like same coffee with caffeine, and for the decaffeination process to cost reasonably. And now the decaf in the menu is the cheapest, crappiest coffee. Those are the challenges of the industry – and let’s face them, let’s treat them like challenges. Let’s stop hiding behind that snobbish behavior – and let’s say that we don’t know enough yet, we don’t have enough technology yet – because this is how it is.
And,  come on, those jokes about decaf soy latte… Just make it tasty and treat people with respect. That’s your work.
I was always thinking about myself as a normal coffee drinker. But now…  I had to face that, first, I am very sensitive to caffeine. I cannot have morning coffee. If I have it, I’ll end up with hands shaking. So if there is a way to take out the caffeine from the coffee, and enjoy it for the taste – I am in.
And milk. I saw some videos. And I just don’t want to participate in it anymore. So…
Decaf almond latte for your roast master?

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