I don’t know if I should be writing this post. I mean, I understand that my opinion is just mine.


I understand that the industry is growing and learning. For example, learning to brew and roast better, learning about the consistency techniques and water, pressure and flow rate, hospitality, varietals, cultivars, processing…


I know, because, I am, as a part of the industry, doing that, and I know that there are lots of guys and girls far far ahead of me.


I visited many cafes lately, ordering espresso and filter. And had only one really good filter coffee. Just one. And I was lucky to have just one espresso I enjoyed. They were served in 2 different places.


We are promoting the coffee culture, we are talking a lot about the third wave. But I cannot blame usual customers who are saying that specialty coffee is not tasty, it is sour and unpleasant. 90% of the coffees that I had in the places promoting specialty really were like that. I cannot even argue with my parents, who don’t drink it cause they don’t like that sour water.




Due to the roast, water, brew technique, green bean quality – these coffee were simply not tasty. Empty, lacking in sweetness, old, papery, watery, baked, underextracted – we have it all.


I don’t know if you see the same problem as I do.


We are trying to attract new customers, make it interesting for them, appealing, we print booklets, writing articles, buying ads… But it is simply not tasty! The coffee that we serve is just no good.


(First. Being consistently good is another topic.)


Probably I am too harsh in my judgements.

I just want us to make the most out of it. Maybe its time to focus on our skills even more, at least half as much as we focus on social networks.


Again, my opinion, my point of view.


Of course, it is stupid to open a business only when you feel that you know EVERYTHING – cause it will never happen. This is good and bad at the same time –  but we will always have a place to grow.


My question is about the drinks we serve. Cause we are in the food and beverage industry, right? Isn’t our job to serve something that tastes good, first of all? And then educating, promoting, talking…  Just to make sure that every drink we serve is the drink that tastes good. And if it requires being a better barista, a better roaster, a better cupper, buying other coffees, change the water, buying better grinder – we have to be doing that, cause it is our job. Cause if we are not serving tasty coffee – why are we here, then?

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