#31 Cafe Service: Espresso served at 100% (when you don’t have, or cannot afford to have a passionate barista)



Specialty coffee is tightly connected with Passion.


It is believed that to work in the industry, you have to be passionate, inspired at least with something. Lots of baristas get inspiration in practicing latte art, many – in getting geeky with espresso, some – with technical side of the business, lots – with water/pressure/etc profiling. People get inspiration in tasting different varieties, in exploring brew methods.




What if you have a business, lets say a coffee shop, or a restaurant, and you serve specialty. And you want your guests to get a superb coffee, but you cannot afford a full time barista, or you want all your functionaries to be able to make coffee? And of course, nobody is really into it.


Sounds scary, but is it? Being honest, it is a super frequent situation.


Is it possible? To serve a brilliant coffee, but not to be a geek?


Me, being a geek myself, I would dare to say yes. If you substitute Passion with other P. With Precision.


After all, making coffee is a skill, and skills can be learnt.

In that case you’ll need a dedicated roaster, who would be able to explain the recipies and the rations their coffees taste better at, a good machine, grinder, that is better than your machine, pen, lots of paper, refractometer and numbers you want to achieve, in dry coffee dose, bewerage weight, time of the shot, ratio between coffee and water, some videos of Matt Perger dedicated to espresso – and here you go. You just will need to follow the rules, put the data in the table every morning, dial-in the grinder, and learn how to distribute and tamp flawessly.


In my opinion, definitely worth trying.


And after all that meticulous work done – who knows, probably some get passionate…


Published by liza maksimova

Q Grader. Roast Master. SCAE certified.

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