#31 Black or with milk, hot or cold, big or small?


Being honest, I always felt some kind of attraction towards that simplified coffee menu, when there are only 3 prices: black coffee (espresso based), coffee with milk and filter coffee. And espresso is double shot. God knows, I am waiting for that time to come when there will be no single portafilter!! No headache anymore, less time spent on adjusting the grinder, can vary the espresso ration for milk drinks and for black shots – so, heavens on earth for the barista.

But, what I was talking about?..

Three prices. For me, simplicity is the core of the menu. Should be easy to read, easy to understand, easy grasp it all right away without getting confused. In this menu, double macchiato is the same price as cappuccino and latte, and american has the same price as double espresso. Aeropress, v60, Kalita – crazy days are over, no more calculations, you are just the same price.

So client can focus on what he wants more than choosing the cheapest option – because there are 3 cheapest options!

I know that some coffee shops went further, and simplified it even more – letting the client decide what he wants. Having “black coffee, coffee with milk and filter coffee” as an official menu.

Is it something new? Definitely yes.

Will it work?

I think yes. Cause, no matter where you work, you have to make the drinks people are used to. Here in Portugal you need to know how to make “garoto” or “carioca” – people will order them even without looking in the menu, not even caring if you have them or no.

So… Standards? Yes, inner standards. Technological cards, recipes.

Out there just these questions, if a person doesn’t know what she wants – black or with milk, cold or hot, big or small?

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Q Grader. Roast Master. SCAE certified.

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