Lisbon Specialty Coffee Guide by Café Sin Mentiras

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Regularly updated list of Specialty, and Second Wave coffee shops in Lisbon, Portugal

based on the locations that I visited, and my vision of what is specialty coffee and specialty coffee shop

will be updated constantly

alphabetical order



coffee shops that follow the wast majority of the requirements from this list, with the exception of one or two

Copenhagen Coffee Lab (Rua Nova da Piedade, 10, Príncipe Real)

Fábrica Coffee Shop (Rua das Flores 63, Chiado)

Hello Kristof (Rua do Poço dos Negros, 103, São Bento)

Montana Lisboa Café (Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa, Armazém A, Porta 20, Cais do Sodré)

Wish Slow Coffee House (LX Factory, Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103, Espaço 0.2G, Alcântara)



coffee shops that are either not using the specialty grade coffee, or use it a bit too roasted,  but offer a good starting point to switch from commercial coffee to something more interesting

Bettina e Niccòlo Corallo (Rua da Escola Politécnica, 4/6, Príncipe Real)

Bowls&Bar (Rua de São Bento, 51, São Bento)

The Mill (Rua do Poço dos Negros, 1, São Bento)


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