Learning the Latte Art – how much time you really need

Milk. An ingredient so common, so usual, so simple (or at least it seems to be). A perfect match for coffee, the best possible companion. Just hear me whispering to you ear “cappuccino”, “flat white” – and you are already imagining you morning treat. Silky shiny foam, undisturbed surface, rosetta on top. Something so simple – and so hard to achieve. Let’s talk milk?

Aeropress Portugal 2019 – recipes, thoughts, experience

think it does worth a shot trying, if you are thinking about it. The winner is always one, but the truth is – you are definitely becoming better than you were before it, and you have a chance to implement your views and ideas, which I consider priceless.

Lisbon Specialty Coffee Guide by Café Sin Mentiras

Regularly updated list of Specialty, and Second Wave coffee shops in Lisbon, Portugal based on the locations that I visited, and my vision of what is specialty coffee and specialty coffee shop will be updated constantly alphabetical order   SPECIALTY COFFEE SHOPS: coffee shops that follow the wast majority of the requirements from this list,Continue reading “Lisbon Specialty Coffee Guide by Café Sin Mentiras”

Cappuccino 101

1. First rule of the cappuccino in the specialty café – decent сoffee beans. The barista can tell you the origin of the beans, the processing, you can find the information like the date of roast, the elevation the coffee was cultivated at…
2. Superb espresso. Fresh roasted beans, ground right before making the drink. Balanced espresso by itself, with the traces of sweetness. No capsules, no commercial blends, no robusta.
3. Fresh milk, stored in the refrigerator. No UHT milk used.
4. Cream-like sweet textured milk.
5. The balance between the espresso, milk and milk foam. In other words, the drink shouldn’t taste like milk, there should be a harmony between steamed milk and espresso.