Coffee Recipe of the week: V60

  • 15 grams of coffee (washed coffee from Guatemala, Fraijanes region, roasted by me two days ago)
  • 255 grams of water (portuguese tap water, filtered by Peak Water from 200ppm to 105 ppm, a little bit more minerals than the last time)
  • water at 95ºC (99-92)
  • grind size – 15A at Baratza Sette, filter burrs
  • ceramic V60 size 2
  • regular Hario paper filters

The recipe that I am featuring today is some sort of an adjustment of the George Howells recipe for the Chemex.

The main feature of this recipe is using 3 equal pours and extended blooming time (up to 1 minute). I have also learned something from the previous recipe, so I let the V60 to cool down before brewing.

I usually say that 2 pours recipes (bloom and one long pour)  are the foolproof ones because you can hardly mess up anything there, but this recipe with 3 equal pours is representing a serious competitor in terms of consistency!

I should warn you to not to let the brewing water temperature drop below 92ºC in this recipe though, so better start with the water right off the boil working your way down. If the water drops below 92ºC you will end up with a sour and unsatisfying cup. The recipe itself is producing a sweet, round cup of coffee, and is pretty consistent. Also try it with 20 grams (20 grams of coffee/340 grams of water) – it is always easier to work with.

This morning’s recipe:

  • Pre-heat the V60 (filter in). Let it cool down approx 5 minutes
  • Coffee in! (15 grams) make sure the brewer is room temperature.
  • Add 85 grams of water, swirl the V60 using Rao spin.
  • At 1:00, or when all the water filters out, add 85 (total 170) grams of water, spiral pour, working from the center out.
  • At 1:30 add the third part of water, 85 grams (total 255)
  • Total Brew Time 2:30-3:00

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Q Grader. Roast Master. SCAE certified.

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