Modulating the flavour profile of filter coffee with the recipes. Brewing not developed roast.

Sometimes it happens, and you discover that you are brewing coffee that has some roasting issues, and is not developed properly. Of course, before blaming the roaster, make sure that you are doing everything right in your department. Sensory memory and experience helps – if you tasted many coffees and discussed them with other people, you have a clear understanding of what underdeveloped roast tastes like.

What can you do if you get one? How can you modulate the brewing profile to mitigate the roasting problems? 

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Coffee Recipe of the week: V60 – pouring differently

What’s new in this recipe? 
The factor I am exploring is the pouring. 

All other variables stayed the same, and the only thing I am changing is the way I pour. In one of the last videos of James Hoffmann where he is exploring different pour over brewers, he mentioned that April Brewer has a special recipe for it.  And since then the thing that I wanted to try was to use that recipe brewing a V60. 

The main feature of it is using a combined pour – 100 grams of water in 10 seconds, divided into 30 grams circular pour (roughly around 2 circles) and 70 grams right in the center.

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