Coffee Recipe of the week: Octostorm Pour Over

  • 20 grams of coffee (or any amount between 17-21, maintaining the 1:16 coffee:water ratio) – I used naturally processed Sidra from Ecuador roasted by Kawa.Coffee in Paris, and I really recommend this recipe for naturals expecially
  • 320 grams of water, and extra for preheating (portuguese tap water, no filter, 170ppm)
  • water at 100ºC (and slowly cooling down throughout the brew)
  • grind size – 17A at Baratza Sette (medium), filter burrs –  use this table created by Welder Catherine to compare the grind size and find the one on your grinder
  • Octo storm (plastic) or V60 or Kalita – experiment with the last two, using this recipe, the results could be quite interesting AND will differ from brewer to brewer
  • regular Hario paper filters for 4 cups or Filtropa 04 filters (when using the Octo Storm)
  • pouring kettle (or any device that you can use for pouring steadily)

Hey hey hey! 

I unexpectedly discovered myself being divided between flat bottom brewers and cone shaped brewers, and the reason for that is that since last summer the brewer I use the most is the Octo Storm, a pour over device designed by a russian coffee professional and barista champion Sergey Stepanchuk. 

I got it because I wanted to support the initiative and out of curiosity, and ended up loving brewing coffee with it. And then during the lockdown I found myself out of V60 filters, but with a ridiculous (300+)  amount of Filtropa 04 filters for drip machines, that, surprisingly, work pretty decently with Octo Storm (because of the bottom part that actually has to be folded inward, so the shape of it doesn’t really matter).

The rest is history, I’ve been using the Octo Storm as my primary brewer ever since, and only recently stocked up on V60 filters, because all the Filtropa is gone. 

I tried various recipes and various ratios, and today I am gonna share with you a particular one that can be replicated in a V60 with similar results. So you don’t have to have the same brewer, really, no worries. I just wanted to share with you that there are plenty of other brewing devices, and it is a fun time to experiment and discover different ways of brewing coffee. 

What do I find? 

I find that due to the shape of the device (octogonal, as you may have already guessed), and due to the bottom of the basket, which is quite unusual, it is easier to get juicier and denser coffees. I particularly love how it works with naturals and experimental processing – when coffee brewed in V60 may seem too sour, in Octo Storm you can get the necessary sweetness pretty easily, and balance things out. I believe you can get the same results with Kalita brewer, but due to the smaller holes on the bottom, the recipe should be modified to get the optimal extraction. 

Here is the recipe for 1 person using octo storm (or similar brewers):

  1. Fold the filter, put it in, and preheat the device with some generous amount of hot water to get rid of the papery taste. Grind the coffee.

2. Discard the water, put everything on the scales, zero them, coffee in. 

3. You will be pouring evenly, dividing the water in 5 equal pours (320 – 5 pours of 64 grams each) one every 30 seconds.

4. Pouring style – circular motion first 3 pours, then a combined pour – first making one circle, finishing in the center.

Total pouring time – 2.10

Total brewing time – 2.40-3.00 

I hope you enjoy it! Let me know how it went for you!

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Q Grader. Roast Master. SCAE certified.

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