Coffee Recipe of the week: V60

This week we are back to V60 (first and second V60 recipes), and this time I am sharing with you the recipe that you can use when making a substantial amount of coffee that is good to share. I will use 30 grams of coffee to 510 grams of water to make around 465 grams of coffee – which gives us 2 cups of 232 grams – good for those who likes coffee, and shares it with somebody who likes it as well 🙂

The main feature of this recipe is brewing with 92ºC water, maintaining the slurry temperature around 85ºC.

I am an apologist of brewing with boiling water, so this recipe was a challenge for me to begin with – but this is what you have to do to move forward, challenge yourself, to find something new. And I did find something new.

Those of you who are with me for some time probably read the recipes for V60 that I was trying out before – and how I found that letting the V60 to cool down after cleaning the filter is beneficial.

In the recipe that we are making today we gonna do exactly the opposite – we are gonna brew as soon as we can after cleaning the filter paper.

I find it being a beautiful message of how different your brewing technique can be, and there is no just one way – there are numerous ways of achieving the results that you are looking for. Of course, understanding the connection between the components (brewing temperature, water composition, coffee density, particle size and distribution) helps.

To make the coffee be prepared to divide the pours in 3 (90 grams, 210 grams and 210 grams in the case if you are brewing like me 30 of coffee/510 of water, 1:17 ratio). We are having a long bloom, around 1-1.15 minutes, and then 2 pours, all done with 92ºC. Use the thermometer to follow the temperature changes (it also helps to have a pouring kettle and a boiling kettle). The brewing time will also be quite long, around 4-5 minutes, which shouldn’t scare you at all, because we are gonna be using pretty coarse grind, and pretty low temperature.


  • 30 grams of coffee (I used natural processed coffee from Guatemala, Fraijanes region, and I find this recipe good for naturals in particular)
  • 510 grams of water (I used portuguese tap water, filtered by Peak Water from 250 ppm to 110 ppm)
  • water at 92ºC (all way through, and slurry temperature not lower than 85ºC)
  • grind size – 28A at Baratza Sette, filter burrs (coarse)
  • ceramic V60 size 2
  • regular Hario paper filters
coffee cup


  • Pre-heat the V60 (filter in). Start brewing right after pre-heating.
  • 30 grams of coffee in
  • Add 90 grams of water (3 times the weight of coffee), stir NSWE, incorporate well the grounds, and let it bloom for 1 – 1.15 minutes.
  • At 1:00-1:15 add 210 grams of water (or 1/2 the water are left, in my case 510-90=420, 420/2 = 210 , total of the first and second pour 300). Spiral pour, working from the center out.
  • At 2:00 add the third part of water, 210 grams (total 510)
  • Total Brew Time 4:00-5:00 minutes

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