Coffee Recipe of the week: Aeropress + Kruve = Aeropress Championship Recipe

Hey my dear readers!

I am out of coffee this Friday, and it means that I’ll be sharing with you the recipe that went through so many tests and tries, that I don’t have to check it once again to make sure it works – it just does.

Yes, I am talking about the Aeropress Recipe I used last year for the Portuguese Aeropress Championship. I decided to compete there with one goal in mind – to make a competitive recipe that uses as little coffee as humanly possible. Why? Simply because I find the recipes that are winning there lately outrageous in terms of coffee usage (25-30-35 grams). Just too much coffee per one serving, such a waste of good beans.

In the recipe that I elaborated (which works best with natural processed, slightly less dense beans) I am brewing a cup with actively 11 grams of ground coffee. Sounds crazy and impossible, but… Check it out!

Alert! For this recipe you gonna need some extra equipment – in this case it is Kruve sieves.

The logic of this brew is simple. I am using less coffee – which means I have to extract the best of it, as much of the tasty stuff as I can. For this I am gonna use the fines – something that is usually seen as a bad thing. Which is not.

I am also changing the burrs on my Baratza Sette for this one, and gonna be using espresso burrs. It will help me to have a different particle distribution (espresso has more fines), so I’ll benefit from it as well and bring my extraction even higher.

You’ll see me using 17 grams of coffee to get 11 of fines. What I am doing is sifting out the boulders, those that will not contribute to the taste. Ideally I would like to be able to grind fine and brew, skipping the sieving process – to not to waste any coffee at all. I guess that I need to experiment some more with espresso grinders.

One more thing – bypass. Have some extra water close, and as always you can choose the water temperature for the bypass, you don’t need to do it with boiling water – it all depends on you. For example, I made a mistake at the championship when used hot water for the bypass. All because I was training with the glass vessels at home, and they were using ceramic at the competition – more retained heat, hotter brew, harder to evaluate.

  • 17 grams of coffee (better works with naturals)
  • around 200 grams of water (homemade water, Hendon water by Barista Hustle)
  • water at 93ºC
  • grind size – 11A at Barata Sette, espresso burrs
  • Kruve with 800 micron screen – sifting out everything bigger than that
  • inverted method, paper filter (use 1 for more body, 2 for less)

Aeropress Championship Recipe:

  • aeropress in the inverted position
  • preheat the aeropress and clean the filter paper (can be done with the same water)
  • grind the coffee, put it in the Kruve (800 micron screen in) and shake for 1 minute. Use the fines
  • coffee in!
  • start the timer, pour all the water (154 grams) in 15 seconds
  • then stir for 20 seconds (till 0:35)
  • put the filter cap and let it steep till 1:05
  • then stir or swirl it again
  • start pressing at 1:15
  • finish pressing at 1.45-1:50
  • calculate the beverage weight
  • add 20%*beverage weight bypass (hot or cold water)
  • Repeat for a friend!

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