Coffee Recipe of the week: V60 – getting aggressive

Aggressive pours, of course, what else!

Friday here, and here I am with a new recipe that I’ve tried this week. I’ve been making a lot of big V60’s, for two, that’s why I continued to investigate and look for the best ways to do it, improving, or modulating, the flavor profile of coffee.

In this recipe I united various techniques, such as really long preheating (1-1,5 liters of boiling water, ceramic V60), long bloom, various same-size aggressive fast pours, and – bypass.

It is not often that I use bypass when making V60 – and it actually was not in a plan for this one, and came as an improvised piece. I was planning to do 5 aggressive fast pours after bloom – and after the third one I realized that I am extending my brewing time far too much. So the last drops of water – they came handy as a bypass, clean water that didn’t go through the coffee bed. I found that it worked perfectly, giving me a sweet and flavor-intense cup, without disrupting the clarity of it (what would be happening if I were to add the last pour).

Bypass is also working here because it comes in a combination with aggressive pours – which create turbulence, the fact that is proven to help to increase the extraction.

And yes – I used frozen beans for this one. Wanna know how to freeze the beans properly – ask me.

Ready to check out the recipe?


  • 30 grams of coffee ( washed coffee from Peru, roasted by Nomad, in May 2020, then frozen)
  • 510 grams of water (ratio 1:17, I used Portuguese tap water, filtered by Peak Water from 250 ppm to 80 ppm)
  • water right off the boil
  • grind size – 28A at Baratza Sette, filter burrs (grind size – coarse)
  • ceramic V60 size 2 (using ceramic is extremely important)
  • regular Hario paper filters

V60 for 2 – AGGRESSIVE

  • Pre-heat the V60 (filter in) with lots of hot water. Start brewing right after pre-heating, when the device is very hot
  • 30 grams of coffee
  • Add 100 grams of water to bloom (roughly 1/5 of the whole water to be used), finish pouring at 00:15.
  • At 00:50 add 100 grams, start gently, but then go fast in circles, finish pouring at 1:00
  • At 1:10 add 100 grams more, same style of pouring, finish by 1:20, wait for 10 seconds.
  • At 1:30 add 100 grams more, the same way as before, finish pouring by 1:40
  • At 1:50 add 110 grams, in the same style of pouring, finish by 2:00
  • At 2:10 add 50 grams of water, and start the draw-down process
  • Draw-down should be finished by 3:30-4:00
  • You are left with the 50 grams of water to perform the bypass – use it all, or use the amount that you feel is necessary – in this case I used only 30 grams

Share with me the results!

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