Coffee Recipe of the week: Aeropress for 2

Aeropress has been unjustifiably accused of being an egoistic method of coffee making so many times that we almost believed it, till…

Till yes, you get out of filters for V60, and aeropress is the only device you have completely equipped to be making coffee. For 2.

If you are even a bit like me, and you also get especially creative when you are being limited, intentionally or by chance (hello all those dinners I made with the last 4 ingredients in the fridge) – or you simply want to make an aeropress to share, here is the recipe.

Actually, there are 2 ways of making it happen. First one, the one I am going to cover today, is an inverted method when you are going to dilute the concentrate afterwards. It is immersion with posterior filtration. The second method consists of using an aeropress in a regular position and basically making filter coffee, the way you would with V60, but a bit differently. I still have some filters to experiment with and improve the second recipe, so I’ll publish it soon as well.

So.. Aeropress for 2. You’ll need:

  • 36 grams of coffee ( I used naturally processed Brazil this time)
  • 440 grams of water (and some more for cleaning the filter and preheating the device) (I used tap water filtered by Peak Water from 300ppm to 80 ppm)
  • water at 100ºC or right off the boil (with no fear to “burn” anything, we are making immersion here, we need the heat)
  • grind size – 13A at Barata Sette, filter burrs (medium, something that you would use to make V60 for one person)
  • inverted method, paper filter
  • scales
  • spoon

The Recipe:

  • preheat the device, and clean the paper filter
  • coffee in! give your aeropress a shake
  • pour 100 grams of water, stir at 00:10 for 10 seconds
  • at 00:20 add 120 grams more (220 total), stir again
  • at 1:55 put the cap on, flip and start pressing carefully
  • finish pressing at 2:30
  • dilute the concentrate with 210-230 grams of hot water (the quantity can vary according to your taste)
  • Share and enjoy!!!

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Q Grader. Roast Master. SCAE certified.

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