Here are the workshops that I am offering at the moment:

  • Sensory Skills (a set of 3 trainings of 3 hours each, for those who want to train their palate and become a better coffee taster)
  • Coffee Cupping 101 (a set of coffee cuppings according to the SCA and Q standards, using cupping form, each coffee discussed)
  • Modern Espresso (everything about how to work with specialty coffee espresso, focused on baristas)
  • Sensory Skills Advanced (unique program, 2 days of 5 hours of advanced sensory skills training – for coffee professionals or advanced aficionados)
  • Coffee Obsession – monthly educational/fun/game coffee event in Ericeira, Portugal.
  • Teambuilding events

For more info email me at cafesinmentiras(at) or contact me through instagram cafesinmentiras

Languages: Português, English, Español, Русский

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