Coffee Recipe of the week: Moka Pot

This time I am gonna explore with you a recipe for a device that is extremely popular between coffee drinkers, and hugely underestimated by coffee enthusiasts. Moka Pot. Most probably you’ll find it in every house, and most probably even your grandmother can share with you her recipe.

The main feature of this recipe is using 3 equal pours and extended blooming time (up to 1 minute). I have also learned something from the previous recipe, so I let the V60 to cool down before brewing. Continue reading Coffee Recipe of the week: Moka Pot

Coffee Recipe of the week: V60

Today I am trying out the recipe of Chad Wang, the winner of 2017th Brewers Cup

The key concept of his V60 recipe – no circular motion when pouring, and pre-heating with 300 grams of hot water – and then letting it to cool down for 10-15 minutes! The recipe itself is super simple, so the key here is precision, good water and exceptional coffee.

The funny thing about this recipe is that you have to really control the brewing temperature – the water tends to cool down rapidly, so make sure you are not starting to brew at 92, but then dropping to 88 or 86. It matters. Continue reading Coffee Recipe of the week: V60