Coffee Recipe of the week: V60

Friday here, and here is the Recipe of the Week series, with me once again exploring the famous V60 – and the things you can do with it. There are multiple ways of brewing a V60, which, while being so widespread among the coffee brewers, is considered to be one of the most difficult brewing devices to master.

This week I am sharing with you one more V60 recipe for 2 (the previous one you can check out here) – but in this case, in comparison with all other V60 recipes that I published, I am exploring some other curious variables – like precise pouring time and technique, and an extra “bloom” – which is adding a bit more water after the first bloom.

The things to pay attention at in this recipe are: preheating of the device – use the ceramic V60, and preheat it with the plenty of hot water, and don’t let it to cool down, don’t let the coffee bed get out of water, so it should never be dry, and add all the water after the second bloom between 1:00 and 2:00 in one long continuous pour.

The recipe you gonna see below taught me plenty, because I tried to multiple times, and learned many things that I shouldn’t do (especially about bloom). The technique used in this recipe allows us to brew with the slurry temperature not dropping lower than 84ºC till the very end of the brew. I also used the water that is a bit different from the one that I usually use – 40ppm is pretty low for my taste, but worked quite well here because we were working with really hot water.

So, let’s do it!


  • 30 grams of coffee ( in my case I was using washed Kenyan coffee)
  • 510 grams of water (I used Portuguese tap water, filtered by Peak Water from 250 ppm to 40 ppm, slightly lower than I would usually do)
  • water right after boiling (all way through, and slurry temperature of the brew is not dropping lower than 83ºC)
  • grind size – 28A at Baratza Sette, filter burrs (grind size – coarse)
  • ceramic V60 size 2 (using ceramic is extremely important)
  • regular Hario paper filters

V60 for 2 – ONE MORE WAY

  • Pre-heat the V60 (filter in) with lots of hot water. Start brewing right after pre-heating, when the device is very hot
  • 30 grams of coffee
  • Add 90 grams of water (3 times the weight of coffee), finish pouring at 00:15.
  • At 00:30 add extra water to make it 130 grams in total
  • At 1:00 in one long slow spiral pour add all the water to make it 510 grams – finish pouring by 2:00
  • Draw-down should be finished by 3:30-4:00

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