COVID-19 is currently making some changes in how coffee roasters and coffee shops are operating – and among other things it means that we will see a lot of blends in the next year. Coffee blends can be made with different goals in mind – in order to move the stock of the green coffee, to present your clients with a more budget option, to create a sum of parts (blend components) that is tastier than simply each of the origins separately. Blending can be taken very seriously, to maintain the same taste throughout the year, or can be done to simply sell the coffee that is sitting in the warehouse. Let’s dive deeper into what are the coffee blends, and if there is a place for the in specialty segment.

Roasting Coffee Locally in a Multi-Connected World

I have more and more clients coming to the coffee shop, searching for a locally roasted coffee. And although the coffee shop where I am training baristas is working succesfully with one of the biggest Spanish Specialty Coffee Roasters, and I know the beans, and I have my speach ready, to tell them that beans are coming here every week, freshly roasted, that guys are experienced, etc. – I cannot help myself noticing that people are expecting to find a local roaster.